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  • Transient and nonlinear sequence construction processes.
  • Heat transfer (concrete mass curing).
  • Thermo-structural analysis.
  • Multibody advanced contacts (cohesion, breaking, glue…).
  • Seepage (steady and transient analysis).
  • Time dependent material properties.
  • Hydrodynamic Masess (modal, spectral and transient).
  • Nonlinear full transient analysis.
  • Concrete Creep and Shrinkage.
  • Concrete cracking.
  • Initial stresses.
  • Prestressed reinforced concrete (beams, shell and solids).
  • Soil-structure interaction analysis.
  • Nonlinear material behavior laws: Drucker-Prager,  Mohr-Coulomb and Cam-Clay (cohesion and friction angle).

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CivilFEM® powered by Marc® is a very powerful and versatile software with an intuitive user friendly interface and pre/post features, it is very easy to learn. The powerful (included) Marc® from MSC® Software non-linear solver aids to solve the most demanding and complex advanced analyses.   

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CivilFEM is a powerful software to evaluate the transient response of a completely cracked concrete dam section subjected to seismic loads. CivilFEM is also used to support research and development on structural behavior and safety of concrete dams. It performs a transient rocking and/or sliding analysis of a cracked dam section subjected to either base accelerations or time varying forces.

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