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CAE Solutions has partnered with UNED and INGECIBER S.A. UNED is Spain's largest online university to offer you the chance to obtain an advanced degree in Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation. The National Distance Education University (UNED) is the leader in the implementation of cutting edge technologies applied to distance learning with over 205,000 students worldwide. It is one of the largest universities in Europe. This is a post-graduate training program targeting the professional application of the Finite Element Method and advanced commercial CAE software. It is fully online, with virtual classrooms, forums, videoconferences, e-learning materials and other.


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The Master's degree is matched with an internationally approved credit point system (ECTS). The program has a total of 70 credits.

The Following awards will be granted on successful completion of the different Master's levels:

Expert in theoretical and practical application of Finite Element Method.
(Students must take Expert Module - 30 c. ECTS)

Specialist in theoretical and practical application of Finite Element Method and CAE simulation.
(Students must take the Expert Module and one Specialized Module - 40 c. ECTS)

Master's in theoretical and practical application of Finite Element Method and CAE simulation.
(Students must take the Expert Module, one of the Specialized Modules Group and the Final Master Project - 70 c. ECTS)

Two Diplomas are issued: One by UNED university of Spain and One by Ingeciber. To access this postgraduate course is required at least a EHEA bachelor's degree (grado EEES)


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Twenty two years of our FEA Master´s program

Over the twenty two years of our FEA Master´s programs, more than 3,600 students have graduated and provided us with constant feedback on how we can improve the program year after year. For example, our syllabus has been expanded with new optional specialized modules, enhanced content, as well as an upgraded distance e-learning system. In addition, the latest versions of FEA software are always used, allowing you to bring the most recent technology into use at your job.



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International Master's in Theoretical & Practical Application of 
Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation
23rdEdition. 2017