Consulting Services

Our international practice allow us to provide the latest Technology in Structural Engineering Consulting Services. We are continuously performing research on Finite Element issues together with Institutes of Technology and Structural Engineering Universities. All efforts are focused on providing the latest State of the Art Civil Structural FEA Software and Consulting services to our worldwide customers.

High-end Structural FEA Consulting and Design
Blast Effects Analysis: Finite Element models to understand and confirm the performance of buildings and structures subject to blast and shock loads.
Seismic Design of Nuclear Power Plant, Industrial Plants, Special Structures and Utility Structures.
Optimal Design of Major Facilities, High Rise building, Stadiums etc


       CAE Solutions LLC
             111 E Monument Ave #401, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Educational Services

Lear more and earn a PDH. We know that is not enough to have one of the best programs of analysis, it is necessary to provide you an exclusive product knowledge. Our engineers are dedicated to full time technical support, training and technical consulting, providing value-added courses due to the knowledge acquired in real engineering projects.

High-end Structural FEA Consulting and Design
Bridges: Prestressed Concrete Bridges, Suspension Bridges, Reinforced Concrete Bridges, Composite Structural Steel Bridges, PSC Box Bridge, Long Span Bridge, etc…
Dams: Arch Dams, Earth Dams, etc…
Off-Shore Structures.

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