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The construction process of an embankment dam with different fillings is analyzed. Loads applied are self-weight and hydrostatic pressure at the end of the process. This study is carried out as a nonlinear stage process using activation and deactivation of materials.

A concrete gravity dam is modeled and three types of analyses are carried out: static (gravity and hydrostatic pressure), modal and transient analysis. The Dam structure is made of separate monolithic elements divided by vertical and horizontal joints.

The footbridge consists of a deck that rests on two lateral beams. The deck transmits its load to two parallel arches using steel bracings. The arches are connected by bracing truss members. A static analysis and modal analysis are performed in order to evaluate different design forces and moments, deflections, and to obtain the natural frequencies of the structure. A transient analysis is performed in order to simulate the stepping rate of pedestrians

A steel bolt connection between a beam and a column is analyzed under two different configurations: with and without stiffeners. A bending moment is applied at the end of the beam and a non-linear analysis is performed, applying non-linearity of material and geometry, considering large deformations and plastic behavior of the steel. The interaction between the column and the plate is defined by a contact.

​A 68 ft high transmission tower has 6 cable-arms and is made of steel angles. The loads on the tower structure are gravity, cable and wind loading. Static linear and nonlinear analyses are performed to check viability of the structure.

In this example we perform a detailed advance concrete analysis, applying cracking behavior to a segment between two floors of a shear wall, with different reinforcement configurations with and without a wall hole. The wall is modeled using a shell element with insertions to simulate the steel reinforcement bars (truss elements).

This model is a relatively regular 12-story reinforced concrete building. Beam and shell elements are defined for columns, beams and slabs. There are two structural walls as primary seismic force-resisting elements. In this case study we will performed a seismic analysis according to multi-modal response spectrum method