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An advanced non-linear analysis is required to investigate the causes and origin of the structural damages.

CivilFEM is a powerful software to handle the entire range of geotechnical design applications including deep foundations, excavations, complex tunnel systems, seepage analysis, consolidation analysis, embankment design, dynamic and slope stability analysis.

CivilFEM set a new standard for the design of bridges and civil structures. With CivilFEM, you will be able to create high quality designs with unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy. Analyze the entire construction process in a single model, CivilFEM facilitates the simulation of the non-linear construction processes, taking in account the time-dependent properties and activation and deactivation of materials.

CivilFEM is a powerful software to evaluate the transient response of a completely cracked concrete dam section subjected to seismic loads. CivilFEM is also used to support research and development on structural behavior and safety of concrete dams. It performs a transient rocking and/or sliding analysis of a cracked dam section subjected to either base accelerations or time varying forces.

General design criteria for nuclear power plants require that structures and components important to safety withstand the effects of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and tsunamis without losing the capability to perform their safety function.

The analysis of offshore structures consists in predict the behavior of deafferents structural members with comprehensive analyses, including full non-linear, dynamic, and impact effects. With CivilFEM is possible include model of pile-soil interaction and apply wind, wave, seismic, ship impact and others load.

CivilFEM utilizes 3D modeling combined with comprehensive structural analysis tools allowing you to optimize your tunnel design. ​Model and analyze tunnel structures, including concrete linings, using plates and solid entities. Use geotechnical material library to model the soil support accounting for non-linear soil properties.

CivilFEM is all in one software, you do not need more. From the design of buildings, including footings, slabs, beams and columns to steel towers, domes and tanks can be developed with CivilFEM.